Saturday, March 22, 2014


Notice- this is a Indonesian text translated with Google.. Sorry for all mishmashes 

As an employed of an advertising agency and a lot to do with things that are art turns when determining the impact on the concept of detail in building a motorcycle. That applies to Prasetyo Wibowo called Bowo, the concept of a firm with a detailed rehearsal when he wanted to discuss at the workshop STUDIO MOTOR. "Imagine to play with body art section Engrave Mas, definitely looks more artful. Importantly double seater as long I may occasionally ride with my wife  ... ", said Bro Bowo 

The initial process started by removing the shirt carrying motor to switch places with bodi made from aluminum materials 3 mm covering the tank, spatboard spatboard front and rear. Finishing touches from working bodi given art engraving done by Bro Eddy Dharma, his motives personally selected by Bro Bowo motif combinations and Tribal Scorpion Flame. Sector legs are also quite get enough variation frontal, front shock telescopic shock carrying motor replaced with Upside Down copotan Suzuki GSXR-750 complete with master and labelan Tokico front calipers. Used front section of the double disc 300 mm labelan PSM Racing. As for handmade swing arm made from seamless pipe material that is in harmony with 1:25 Inch rear shock absorber OHLINS 340 mm. Master and rear brake calipers Nissin selected products with aftermarket discs 240 mm. For selected wheel rim wheels TK Japan 17X3.00 17X3.50-Inch Inch and matched with tires 120/90-17 and 130/80-17 Shinko E705 on the front and aft. The selected steering handlebar riser Fatbar complete with her. Pamungkas some part accessories installed to support this view of the end of the motor, aftermarket front and rear lights, clip on handle bars, and the application of custom exhaust 2 in 2 compounding Flash Custom Muffler.

Finished process of the motor, dubbed THE SCORPION METAL is enough to make her the mpu satisfied. "Retreat from the target processing time no problem Mas, anyway I understand if this is work of art, but the result was fitted with what I dreamed for this ...", said Bro Bowo saw Suzuki GSX250 his final form after the make over. With the legs are stocky and also play a prominent art engraving on the body is natural that the final look of this bike is much more aura. Positive responses also came from every person who happened to come to the workshop STUDIO MOTOR Suzuki GSX250 when looking at this, especially when viewing the results of the manual sculpture on the body. Young Blood Old Soul Brother!
body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR Custom Werkz
Engraving Art by Eddy Dharma
Upside Down Suzuki GSXR-750
Velg Depan TK Japan 17X3.00 Inch + Shink0 E705 120/90-17
Velg Belakang TK Japan 17X3.50 Inch + Shinko E705 130/80-17
Master +Kaliper Tokico
Disc PSM
Shock Belakang Ohlins 340 mm
Filter Udara Koso
Exhaust Custom by Flash Muffler Custom

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