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Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend - Go back to your love to ride it :)

Is your relationship with your bike a May-September romance? The love affair doesn’t have to end just because the mercury is dropping!

Iggy Pop once sang, “She's a motorcycle that I can't ride, She's a precious jewel that I can't buy, She's a scene I'm playin' in which I die, And I'll never fall in love again.” If this sounds like how you feel at the end of an epic riding season, don’t despair. Yes, there is indeed life after summer.

There are quite a few good reasons to keep riding in the autumn. First of all, traffic is usually lighter, especially in the parts of the country that are usually swamped by tourists in the warmer months. This not only translates to fewer accidents, but a more enjoyable experience on the road overall.
Secondly, your otherwise hot and sweaty safety gear is now the perfect temperature for riding. While you may look cool in a leather jacket and pants in the summertime, the fall is when you can look cool AND be cool. (Plus safety is always in style.)

Also, the smells and sights of autumn are always better on a bike. Do yourself a favor and take a nice relaxing ride through a wooded area. You will see the leaves changing color, smell the far-off scent of campfire, and feel the cool breeze that reassures you that autumn really is your favorite season.

If you’re planning on making a date with your bike this autumn, here are three things to remember:
Check the weather. In some parts of the country -- like along the eastern seaboard -- autumn means hurricane weather. And if there is one time in your life you do not want to be out riding your bike, it is definitely in the middle of a hurricane.

Check your gear. Did you remember your gloves? Long pants? A sturdy jacket? Autumn riding may be the best you ever experience, but if the sun goes down and you’re caught off guard in just your vest and short sleeve t-shirt, look out!

Check the road. Falling foliage might mean a Kodak moment… or it could mean the wipe-out of your life. When the road is slick, especially with wet leaves, riding can be hazardous. Always be on the lookout and stay aware of your surroundings.

Since it’s unlikely many of you will be able to cruise like you want to toward the end of the year, get all the best riding in now, during the optimum months for riding. And until they make snow chains for motorcycles, autumn is the best season to “hold onto that feeling”, as Journey put it.

So just like Freddy Mercury says… “Get on your bikes and ride!”

text by heather.hawkins