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Monday, August 29, 2016

Icon 1000 have just unveiled their newest range of riding gear and with it comes a new website and more importantly a new custom build! The latest motorcycle to join the Icon 1000 ranks has been baptised the "Three Martini Lunch". Less post apocalyptic in its design than the previous Icon 1000 bikes, I'm happy to say that the 3ML leans more towards the cafe racer aesthetic we love so much; and what better base could they select for such a build than a British born and bred Triumph Thruxton.

There's no hiding the fact that I've been a big fan of the Icon 1000 bikes since they first started appearing a few years back. While their styling may not be everyone else's cup of tea, for me they are a breath of fresh air. Taking a side step away from normality, each of their bikes appears somewhat rough and ready, but there's nothing slapdash about them. Make no mistake these are bikes designed to be ridden, and ridden hard (If you've seen any of the videos you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) and the 3ML is no exception.

Straight away some things become pretty clear as you paw over the photos of the 3ML Thruxton. For starters that bodywork is by no means of Triumph breeding. Up front is a half fairing that bares a striking resemblance to that of Ducati's iconic MH900e. Mounted low on the frame the fairing blends back into the tank for an ergonomic and streamlined finish. The tank itself is also a non-genuine part that appears more retro sports bike than modern classic. Then all the way at the back end you'll find a completely custom rear cowl into which the bikes twin mufflers are mounted.

Glancing down from the tail you'll also note some significant changes to the bikes frame. A completely revised rear subframe hovers the tail end above the rear wheel, which is now held in place by a retro fit monoshock swingarm. For suspension Icon looked to their friends at Nitron for a suitable shock while upfront they chose to replace the Triumph forks with a beefier set of Harley items. The fork and swingarm swap allowed from the fitment of matching diameter KZ1000 wheels which wear extra tall and swollen Avon rubber.

With the changes to the rear of the frame the Thruxton's airbox is no more, replaced by pod filters that live beneath cross drilled covers. The complete removal of the lower cradle of the frame makes the engine perform as a stressed member. To take advantage of the open space this set up has created the Icon team created a 2-into-1-into-2 exhaust system that runs beneath the engines bottom end before making its way up into the tail. You only have to watch twelve seconds of the video below to know that they've done a great job getting their Thruxton to sound right.

"We were on a high-speed burn out of the wretched SoCal gridlock, headed east in a heap of trouble. An olive-colored missile pitted against the red-tinged rock of southwest Utah. We had come looking for nothing. About 3 days in, we found it."

 Beneath the plexiglass screen of the fairing you'll find the original, white faced Triumph gauges, that do a solid job of looking great without any modification. Aftermarket clip on bars offer the rider direct control of the HD front end while custom mounted footpegs position their feet far out of reach of the roads surface. The 3ML riding position is designed for the express purpose of riding fast, which is exactly what the Icon team will be using it for.

When it came to choosing a colour for the 'Three Martini Lunch' you might think that Icon simply went with a classic British racing green, but this is in fact Pontiac GTO Verdoro green, a personal favourite of the builders. As with every Icon 1000 steed the bike features its fair share of Icon livery and tongue in cheek graphics.

If the Three Martini Lunch represents a new direction in style for these Icon 1000 builds you can bet you'll be seeing more of them appearing on these pages.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Look: ICON 1000 Iron Lung Project Bike

We’re not entirely convinced by the name of the bike, but Icon Motorsports has just revealed a really nice custom tribute motorcycle called the Icon 1000 Iron Lung.
The Portland-based company is well known for its motorcycle apparel and every so often builds a bike to underline and showcase a new range of clothing it is launching.
In this case, it’s created the Iron Lung, which is a retro-looking Harley-Davidson Sportster, for the Spring 2014 launch of its ICON 1000 Collections.

ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung profile

The term Iron Lung to us is a colloquial name for a medical ventilator, used in the distant past, which allows a person to breathe when normal muscle control has been lost through illness or an accident.
That aside, ICON says this particular Sportster sat around for a few years before it decided to do something interesting with it. The design brief was to try and replicate Harley-Davidson endurance and circuit racers from the 1970s and the finished result is this good-looking bike called the Iron Lung.
ICON 1000 Iron Lung

ICON’s Sportster started life as an 883cc model but was up-rated using a big bore kit to 1200cc, along with a Supertrapp exhaust system and features H-D Wide Glide forks and custom made triple clamps.

ICON 1000 Iron Lung
ICON 1000 Iron Lung tank

Because the front end of the Iron Lung has been lowered and widened, ICON had to fabricate a sub frame and they used Progressive 970 shocks on the rear and the Iron’s one-off fairing was designed and built in-house.
ICON 1000 Iron Lung

The wheels are from a H-D Vrod with hand painted details done by Garage 31 and the custom designed seat was made by another Portland company – New Church Moto.
ICON 1000 Iron Lung

Judging by the film that ICON has made of the Iron Lung it’s definitely not all show and no go and has been ridden hard. Full marks for ICON for admitting that when it first tested the bike, during the initial build, it burst into flames and had to be quickly rebuilt.

ICON 1000 Iron Lung - A Harley Davidson Sportster Custom from ICON 1000 on Vimeo.
She was an accident waiting to happen. 600 pounds of American coke fired iron, riding on weather-checked English rubber. Cracking femurs or rupturing internal organs were her specialties, and she had done so on more than one occasion. The Iron Lung, a 1991 Harley Sportster road-racer, was a vision of what never was, in response to a question that was never asked.

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